They Started Slapping Their Legs And The Judge’s Jaws Dropped!

They Started Slapping Their Legs And The Judge’s Jaws Dropped!

When these Hungarian folk dancers took the stage I didn’t know what to expect. But just seconds into this performance I was AMAZED! And I was not alone, just look at the judges’ faces! You’ve gotta see what these guys can do.

Most Hungarian folk dance shows in Budapest take place in the Buda Vigado or the Danube Palace (Duna Palota) by the Four Seasons Hotel in Budapest.


Hungarian Folks shows in Budapest, Hungary

The two major venues (theatre & concert halls) are where three of the most well known Hungarian folk ensembles perform with great success:

  • Hungarian State Folk Ensemble
  • Danube Folk Ensemble
  • Rajko Folk Ensemble

Needless to say, the most prestigious folk ensemble is the national dance ensemble, the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble (their regular venue is the Budai Vigado on the Buda side of Budapest). Booking in advance is warmly recommended. Please see our reservation form on the left side.

The more traditional folk dances and music are performed by the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble and the Danube Folk Ensemble.


Hungarian Folk Dance Shows

  • Authentic Folk Dances: century old movements, dances of couples, groups and solo dancers, from the Hungarian Middle Ages to the 19th century (most of them collected in isolated Hungarian villages in the early 20th century). The dances are authentic and put together is an amazing show.
  • Award winning Hungarian Folk Dancers: the folk dance ensembles (founded in the 1950s) have earned numerous international awards
  • Hungarian Folk Dresses: traditional Hungarian embroidery from various regions and for a wide range of occasions
  • Spectacular Dance Show: the traditional Hungarian folk dances are put into a narration. Events and life stories emerge from the Hungarian folk dance shows with powerful dynamics: love, desire, loss, youth, celebration, fun, teasing, and many more feelings evoked during the folk show performances
  • Great Value for Money: the tickets for the Hungarian folk shows are very affordable (as is Budapest in general. On top of the cheap ticket prices, students can get discounts, and there are many deals and packages. Folk show tickets start from 14 Euros, you can check the Seating Plan of Budapest Folk Shows here
  • Historical Concert Halls: the venues of the folk shows are in beautiful historical buildings, worth a visit themselves. The Buda Vigado (Budai Vigado) on the Buda side, and the Duna Palace (Danube Palace) behind the five star Gresham Palace.
  • Central location: the concert halls are 5-15 min Budapest city center. Please see the schedule of Pest side and Buda side venues for the shows: Budapest Folk Show Venues
  • Family event: Hungarian folk shows in Budapest are an ideal option if you visit Budapest with family or friends of mixed interests.




Article: They Started Slapping Their Legs And The Judge’s Jaws Dropped!

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